Monday, April 25, 2011


Different from USA, where school year starts during summer, Korean schools start their new semester during spring. Most of the elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools start in early March, and colleges usually start in April. As most of my friend go to college this month, I want to tell little bit about the universities in Korea. Unlike America, all of the renowned colleges are located in Seoul, the capital city of Korea. Almost every students regard the colleges they attend very seriously. The college that is known to be the best one in Korea in Seoul University, and everyone struggle to get into this school. Since most of the good universities are in Korea, students want to attend one of those, and they regard their life to be successful if they are accepted to one of the "In-Seoul" colleges. Another difference about Korean college system is that many students study one or more years if they fail to be accepted to the colleges they want. This is the reason I previously said that "most " of my friends are going to colleges this year. Because Koreans take only one test a year that is required to attend a college, many of them dedicate their whole year to prepare the test. One of the reasons why I prefer the educational system in America is that students are given several chances to take SAT or ACT. Especially in Korea, university is one of the major factors that affect one's life. Therefore, students take this test very seriously,  and even decide to spent one or more years to get high grades on the test. Since the tuition fees in colleges are ridiculously high, some of the students have to spend some of the college years working. Because of that, it is common to take more than four years for one to graduate from a college. In high school and probably in middle school, students have to study hard to get into good universities. After they graduate from colleges, they have to work hard to get high jobs. Therefore, many of Koreans regard the college years as the most precious time in one's life that he or she can enjoy the freedom. So, I want to tell my friends to enjoy their precious years...

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