Friday, April 15, 2011

 One of the Korean rapper, MC Mong got in trouble because of he extracted his teeth with the intention to dodge his military draft. Every males in Korea need to be in the military for two years, but there are many problems with that, especially for the stars. What most of the male actors and singers worry about joining the military is that people might going to be forget them. In addition, the music industry and TV shows are changing so quickly, so they are worried that they might not going to be adopted well after two years of military trainings. For those reasons, MC Mong seems to extracted 20 teeth, so that he can be exempted from the military. However, soon this fact has been found out, and he is now going through his fourth court trial. Even though he is refusing this fact, everyone thinks that the purpose of his extracted teeth is on the military.
 Not only singers, but every other males in Korea also struggle join the military. Because they are required to join the military at the age of 20 through 30, many people refuse to join the army, Most people join the military after the freshman year in colleges, but things are different when they dropped out once or more. As they get older, they worry more about getting job, but the thing is that of they spend their most important two years in military, they hardly can catch up others. I hope the nation to be united soon, so that no one should worry about this.

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