Monday, April 11, 2011

Martian Virus

Because people constantly pursue something new, there are some people regarded to be different from everyone else. This Korean TV show, "Martian Virus" shows those people's lives. In this show, the audiences can see the  people who are not living like everyone else. Sometimes, there are rather "crazy" people come to show off their weirdness. For instance, there was a woman who spend money like Paris Hilton, without that much of money. She buys all the expensive clothes, bags, and shoes. What was so shocking about her was that she periodically goes to Japan just to have lunch there. Also, there was a guy who goes to hair salon whenever he goes outside - even when he goes to a nearby market. Another shocking episode was the one about a girl who hasn't brush her teeth for a decade. Other than those people, there were people who wears weird makeups, wears weird clothes, and do stuffs what other ordinary people would never do.
Although I can't really understand why people do those insane things, I can compliment their braveness. They are brave in a way that they do what majority of people would not do because they worry about what others would think. However, those "Martians" not only live however they want to live, but appear on TV to courage people to live their own lives. 

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