Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This article is about a Korean educational institution, Kaist, in Korea where all the elite scientists are known to be going. Since this January, four students committed suicide, and in April 10th, a professor in this institution killed himself. As so many "blessed" people kill themselves, people started wondering why they committed suicide. As a result, they all turned out to be died because of harsh educational system in Kaist. The school made the students pay the tuition fees depend on their GPA, so that the students have more will to study. The students who passes away had different GPAs, but people agree that the reason for the suicide is in the education in Kaist. Two of them had GPAs that are higher than 3.0, but both of them turned out to have depressive disorder. Other two students had GPAs below 3.0, and they also had struggled because of the tuition fee.
 Like I said in the previous post about the "tiger mom" and her education, I disagree with this kind of forceful education. In my opinion, the true learning is coming from one's willingness in learning, not from any other reason. I am especially upset with this incident, because the school connected money and education, while they are arguing that education should exist for education itself. I hope people realize the true reason of education so that no more young people in Korea suffer from this matter. 

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