Friday, April 22, 2011

secret marriage of the celebrities

Many people in Korea got shocked for the recent news about Korean pop stars' marriage that were kept for secret for 14 years. Jia Lee, who recently started to gain fame by her acting in one of the most popular shows, were found out to be married to the most famous rocker in Korea, Taeji Suh. What is more shocking about their secret marriage is that they are working on divorce, and that the woman is dating with another Korean famous actor. The media says that they met each other when Jia Lee was staying in Los Angeles, to help Suh being stabilized in the US, and got married in Nevada in 1997.
Of course, I got shocked about this news, because no one even knew that those two people know each other. However, what I felt about this news when I first heard it is pity towards them. Most people are celebrated when they get married, and they enjoy their happy lives as married couples. However, these two people had to live worrying if someone would find out that they are married. Being famous might be fun and enjoyable, but I appreciate about being normal.

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