Thursday, March 31, 2011

"I Love You"
 The movie, "I Lover You", is a movie flimed based on a famous webtoon (cartoon that is published on a website). This movie illustrates loves between Seniors. I have not watched the movie yet, so I will shortly describe the contents based on my memory about the cartoon. There are two couples in this movie. One of the old men delivers milk every morning, and meets this old lady who collects trash to earn little money. The man helps her pushing the cart to collect the trash, and falls in love with her. Another man is the friend of that old lady, and he also lives day by day by earning small amount of money from managing parking lots. He has this wife who has dementia, and he takes care of her so well.
 When I read this webtoon, I felt many things. The scenes where the old man tries to talk to his wife with dementia was so touching, and since all of four characters are abandoned by their children, it made me think thoughfully about how I would treat my parents when I get older. The thing I thought the most, is about love. People does not consider older people to love someone else other than their family, especially in Asian culture. Most Korean people think this as something embarrassing. However, I learned that people can love others no matter how old they are.I really look forward to watch this movie, since many people says that this movie illustrates those things I mentioned well.

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