Wednesday, March 23, 2011

   Since the movie, Memory of Murder, was opened in Korean theater in 2003, films about those unsolved cases gained attention. Memory of Murder is a film that is based on a real case where the murdered is not found yet. In 1986, a woman's body was found, and within a month, three more dead bodies were found that were seemed  to be murdered in the same way. The police tried to find the murderer, but eventually failed, and the case was closed, because too many years were passed. In 2007, another film, His Voice was released. This film is also based on a real crime case. It is about the boy who was kidnapped in 1990s. The boy's body found to be dead, but this case was also closed unsolved, because of the prosecution prescription.
   These movies were popular, not just because those are entertaining. The major reason for those films to be successful, is because of the the purpose of the movie directors to make those films. They filmed the movies about the past cases to find the criminals. Although the cases were closed because of the prosecution prescription, some people could not give up to find the murderers, and decided to gain people's attention by medias. Even though they were not successful on finding the criminals, people became more aware of those crimes, and I believe that that helped people to prevent some of crimes.

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