Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Korean people, especially the young women are very sensitive about being in fashion. Most of them copy the stars, so whenever some star tries something new and be famous because of that, those items become widely popular and be sold a lot. These days, most popular one is the style called “the airport fashion”. As the name of it shows, this style is based on the clothes and accessories worn by stars in airports. The basic theme of this fashion is “worn as if you did not care much about clothes”, but this is kind of ironic, since people care a lot to wear as naturally as possible. Here are some pictures of so-called “airport fashion”.

People's interest in clothing and fashion can be helpful to improve Korean fashion industry. However, Korean people tend to try hard to copy what everyone else is wearing, which cannot be helpful for one's individuality. To be a "fashionable person" people should learn to create their own style, rather than try to be a part of everyone else,

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