Friday, March 25, 2011

After Japan was attacked by a huge earthquake two weeks ago, many countries have been sending them helps. As a country located right next to Japan, Korea is also trying to help Japan. Many medias are trying to persuade people to donate for Japan by many means. However, the concert that was broad casted yesterday for the fundraising is blamed by many people, because of song selection. There is an old singer, Young-nam Jo, who chose to sing a inappropriate song to persuade people to donate for Japan. What he sang was a song that's lyrics was made out of one of the most famous poet's poem. The poet has died during the time period when Japan was invading Korea, and thus the poem is about blaming Japan and wishing the freedom in Korea. After this concert was broad casted, many people in Korea blamed the singer and the PD of the show for the song selection. It is good to help other country to recover from a disaster, but I think that people should be aware of the whole situation too. Helping others is what we should do, but we don't need to do that by humiliating our history.  

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