Monday, March 28, 2011


 A Korean comedian, Sae-Yoon Yoo, is recently gaining people's attention by releasing a new album. His first album was released last year, and it was so popular for the witness in the songs. Corroborated with a professional singer-song writer, Sae-Yoon created a  group, UV, and made people laugh with brilliant  lyrics and music videos. Last summer, they released a song named "Sorry, I'm not cool", demonstrating a guy's feeling towards the woman who wants to break up with him. After UV gained some attention from people by that song, they appeared in a show, called UV Syndrome. This show was a documentary type, and filmed UV's daily lives. During the show, UV did some embarrassing things, including having a concert in a high school radio booth, which successfully made people laugh. The newest album is gaining attention with the collaboration with one of the most famous singer, JYP. As one of the people who enjoyed last summer's UV's album I'm really looking forward to listen to the album.

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