Monday, March 21, 2011

I am a singer

    This new Korean TV show, I am a singer, is enormously popular these days. This show is showing the competitions among seven famous singers in Korea, all popular and famous. When they are assigned certain songs or themes, they recreate those for two weeks and have performances. So far, they had only two performances, but the quality of that were surprisingly good, and therefore, people's expectation for the next performances is growing. When the seven singers perform, 500 random people vote for the best one and the one who gets the least votes must yield for another singer for the opportunity to have performances.
     Korean Music industry was not so fluent these days, because many of the singers are "wanna-be singers" without much skills. As this show becomes so popular, many of the Korean people became interested in more "skilled" singers. In my opinion, this show is really good, since it gives opportunities for the singers to perform their talents, as well as amuse the audiences.

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