Sunday, February 13, 2011


 Since the internet became available in Korea, numerous types of services were rapidly spread out. There are innumerable number of online games and different portal sites that provide different kinds of services. People can do everything on the internet, including listening to music, watching TV shows, listening to the internet radio, etc.. One of the most prominent services available on the internet is the blog. For several years, blogs became widely popular for everyone. Three major portal sites in Korea - Naver, Daum, and Nate - provide blogging service, which gave easier access to the blogging. There are many genres in blogs, but the most popular ones in Korea are blogs about baking and reviews of different products.
 Until 2000, home baking was very rare and limited to some rich family, because not many people had ovens in their homes. However, as people became more and more interested in home baking, people started to look for recipes on the internet. At the same time, blogging became widely popular, so many people started to post their recipes on their blogs. Not only people post recipes, but they also take pictures of every steps, which help people to visualize and easily follow step-by-step. Here is the link to the one of most popular blogs about home baking:
 People who does not have any special interest, but who want to blog, started to write reviews of different goods on their blogs. Since women in the age of 20s take overwhelming percentage of the whole population of people who blog, many of the reviews are about cosmetic goods. People write reviews about different cosmetics, show how to make up with them, and write their own opinions. The following address is the access to one of my favorite blogs about cosmetic reviews: Some other people write reviews about movies, books, and basically everything. Since American TV shows are widely popular in Korea, there are some bloggers who write review of some shows, too.

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