Thursday, February 10, 2011

Social Network

 In every part of the world, websites that provide the social network service is widely popular. Just like Facebook or Twitter, there is a website providing the social network service in Korea. There are several websites for this, including Korean Twitters, but the most popular and famous one is the website called "Cyworld". Different from Facebook of Twitter, which simply let the users write their status on their pages, Cyworld gives the users their own home pages. However, this is different from other home pages, because there are only some simple functions available. The users can share their status by posting their pictures, songs, videos, or maybe some longer documents. Other users who are added as the owner of a home page can write some comments too.
 Since 2003, I've been using Cyworld, and I found it useful to contact some old friends. With some simple information about my previous school, I could easily find the home pages of some friends whom I could not see for a long time. With their pictures and diaries, I could see how they are doing these days and I felt so happy to see them doing great on their college applications and other stuffs. Maybe there are some differences among the websites that provide social network service, they share at least one common aspect, which is that they connect people.

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