Sunday, February 20, 2011

Indie Music

 While the teenagers are crazy for those idol groups as mentioned in the previous post, people in their 20s tend to pay their attention towards the indie bands. There would be several reasons for this phenomenon, but there are two notable aspects. Usually, those indie bands are not so famous, and thus do their performances in small theaters located near to some colleges in Seoul, the capital of Korea. Most of those theaters are located near Hong-Ik Art University, where many of the young people in Korea enjoy their youth. Thus, those young people easily go to see their performances pretty much whenever they want to. In addition, since most of the indie bands are consisted of the people in their twenties, their lyrics and other things tend to get more attention from 20s.
 The video is the performance of one of my favorite indie band, 10cm. They recorded this video in a running bus. Maybe their spirit of trying something new like this helped them to be so popular among the people in 20s. If you are interested in these kind of things, you can visit this website where I found this video, which has some videos of indie bands and artists from different countries are posted. And please don't worry. contents in this website are written in English :)

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