Sunday, February 6, 2011

Infinite Challenge

무한 도전(Muhan Dojeon), which means "infinite challenge", is a  TV show that is hugely popular especially among teenagers and young people in Korea. Since 2004, this show was broad casted every Saturday, and for me, watching this show is one of the reason why I love weekends. As the name of this show tells, people from this show challenges for various things "infinitely". At the beginning of the season, people challenged for all the stupid things (chasing a train with bare foot or washing a car faster than a machine, for examples), and everyone in this show was rather described as ugly. Therefore, no one thought that this will be so popular like now. However, the producer was replaced, and since then, the popularity increased more and more. These days, people in this "reality show" challenge for more thoughtful things, such as fundraising by creating and selling their own calender every year. (The following pictures are their calender I got for this year...)

 This show is one of the most hilarious shows I've ever watched, but that is not the only reason why it is so popular. In my opinion, their huge popularity is based on their acts of doing good for the society. For that, people in this show sacrifices themselves in many ways. For example, they have practiced wrestling for more than a year so that they can perform a professional wrestling for a fundraising. I watched the episodes that show their practice for the pro wrestling show, and I realized that they really give people impression that they are working so hard, not just to earn money, but to help others. I think that is the reason why I cannot stop watching this show even when I am busy working on something else.

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